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What we do

Flexys provides the leading scalable, flexible and extensible debt management, collection and recovery platform for the digital age.

Control+ is leading the field, transforming the way enterprise organisations engage with customers in arrears, improving efficiency and employee experience.

Our digital-first solution vastly improves operational efficiency and working capital while reducing the cost to collect. It ensures that you can deliver personalised, positive customer outcomes while protecting your business from reputational and regulatory risk.

We call this Intelligent Debt Resolution.

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What our clients say

  • "Flexys were undoubtedly one of the best partners we worked with and played a significant role in the MotoNovo Finance story."

    Mark Standish, Founder and former CEO, MotoNovo Finance

  • "The tight regulatory timeframes for deployment meant there was a significant degree of pressure to deploy but the considerable time, effort and commitment from both Virgin Money and Flexys colleagues allowed us to provide slick and modern ongoing support to our customers impacted by the pandemic."

    Graeme Sands, Head of Business Products and Lending, Virgin Money

  • "We really love working with the team from Flexys; they have been fantastic throughout the development, the project, and through the implementation. We are really impressed with the product; it does everything we want to do. We can see all the opportunities in the future for what we’d like to do with the product."

    Mike Jones, DCA and Debt Strategy Manager, Water Plus

  • "We are delighted to continue our partnership with Flexys to provide our customers with what they have told us is an easy-to-understand and use solution. We worked together at pace with Flexys to be the first bank to bring this innovative way to manage the Government’s Pay As You Grow options on Bounce Back Loans to our customers.”

    Adeel Hyder, Business Banking Director, TSB

  • “We are delighted to be partnering with Flexys. We like the team, and we like their solution, and we are confident Flexys will help us develop a market-leading Servicing and Collections operation for the benefit of our customers.”

    Edward Lunn, Chief Operations Officer, Bamboo Loans

  • “Flexys were able to deliver changes in 2 days where our existing supplier took 6 months or more.”

    Darren Vaughan, Head of Collections, Admiral Money

  • "Billing Finance partnered with Flexys following the successes of MotoNovo and have seen very positive results even early in our journey and product development. A great team to work with."

    Samantha Challenger, Director of Collections and Customer Experience, Billing Finance

  • "Hugely proud of the combined effort from both sides on delivering this solution – a real one-team effort."

    Jamie Gibson, Managing Director, (SME and Small Corporate), Water Plus

  • “We found a lot of our customers wanted to interact with us online at their own convenience. They can save the information, go away and look into their finances rather than trying to rush it through on the phone. It gives us another channel to talk to our customers, so it’s a win-win all round.”

    Gavin Bentley, Group Customer Support Director, Aldermore Bank

  • "Loads of great feedback from our agents; it’s totally transformed the way we work and the way we’re managing our collections processes. We’re getting really excited about where it’s going to lead to in the future”

    Mike Jones, DCA and Debt Strategy Manager, Water Plus

  • "Most recently you and your team were instrumental to our response to Covid, which enabled us to not only take great care of our customers at their time of need but also ensure as a business, the pandemic didn't blow us off course."

    Mark Standish, Founder and former CEO, MotoNovo Finance

  • "Flexys brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from the finance sector, and they really understand collections. They're helping us create a solution for the future, not one based on what’s already been done.”

    Mark Porter, former Head of Collections, MotoNovo Finance

  • “We couldn’t have been happier with the service provided by Flexys, they have been brilliant.”

    Samantha Challenger, Director of Collections and Customer Experience, Billing Finance