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Our suite of intelligent debt collection solutions help you gain a greater understanding of the needs of customers in arrears, maximise your operational efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately ensures you achieve the right debt resolution.

The Flexys range of easy-to-deploy modules protect the integrity and reputation of your business by ensuring that you treat your customers appropriately and fairly, taking into account their financial and emotional wellbeing.

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What we do

At Flexys we develop and deliver agile and responsive solutions that exceed expectations. The technology we have chosen combined with our proven methodology means we can deliver and integrate our solutions in a simple, quick and painless way.

Combining decades of collections knowledge and experience with a forward-thinking, customer-driven style, Flexys are able to deliver continual improvement using an agile approach.


Our approach

Our solutions

Flexys Control provides a modern end to end collections platform that enables creditors to engage with their customers on their preferred channel at the right time, using targeted language. We ensure customers are treated appropriately and fairly taking into account their current circumstances. This gives greater understanding of the needs of your customers whilst maximising operational efficiency, reducing costs and delivering the best possible service.

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  • Collaborate

    Digital collection engagement on any device or platform.

  • Collect

    Call centre debt resolution, segmentation, treatment and agent management.

  • Contain

    Litigation and DCA management.

  • Connect

    The right message across the right channel at the right time.

  • Cognition

    Machine learning to automate strategy optimisation, identify customer segments, define sentiment.