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Team values

We are a growing business and want to work with people who are keen to help us establish a culture that values creativity, learning and continual improvement. We can offer variety, autonomy and flexibility in a relaxed and positive working environment with minimal bureaucracy.

Why work for Flexys?

We are based at Future Space, a modern, exciting venue for technology companies. Easily accessible by public transport, car, motorcycle or bicycle, there are several different on-site cafés and shops, a variety of breakout options and there are shower and changing facilities for cyclists and runners. We provide the things you might expect – standing desks, supportive chairs, high quality screens, tea, coffee and the obligatory well stocked beer fridge.

We aim to attract the very best talent and to achieve this we have created a collaborative and supportive working environment where we provide class leading benefits aimed at rewarding hard work and dedication. Some of the benefits include:

  • Discounted onsite state-of-the-art gym membership
  • Private medical insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Contributory pension scheme to  match up to 5% of your salary
  • 30 days (not a typo!) holiday, plus bank holidays.

If this is not enough we also encourage, support and promote our team’s professional development. We do this by contributing a significant amount towards courses or training allowing each employee to explore new ideas or keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

Although we are not hiring remote workers we can offer good flexibility. If there are days when you need to work away from the office or you need to vary your start and end time that is not a problem. We  realise that there is an inherent value-exchange in accommodating a good work/life balance which will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

  • Christian Hodkinson

    Christian Hodkinson

    Delivery Manager

    It’s an exciting time to be joining Flexys, I am looking forward to working with some familiar faces as well as working with new colleagues. I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to make a difference and to build further upon my collections and delivery experience.

  • Astra Baker

    Astra Baker

    Marketing Manager

    “I thrive on the culture and positive vibe at Flexys. I'm loving creating a market presence and brand for the business from the ground up. We have great people building the most innovative solutions which will deliver significant return on investment to our clients. I’m here to present all the great talent, solutions and technology which makes up Flexys to the outside world.”

  • Sergio Martín Sánchez

    Sergio Martín Sánchez

    Software Engineer

    "I believe in continuous improvement as a lifestyle, intending that those improvements help this world to be a better place to live in"

  • Kieran Sears

    Kieran Sears

    Software Engineer

    "Tools are one of the most effective means of influencing the greatest number of people. The intriguing part is how to ensure they are used in the correct way."

  • Paddy Gilling

    Paddy Gilling

    Solutions Consultant

    I'm really excited to join such an innovative business at this early stage and love the opportunity to shape and develop the Flexys suite of products through communication with our clients and partners.

  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Chief Technology Officer

    "The idea for Flexys took root after building solutions using products and services available in the market. It made me realise how much opportunity there was to better the status quo, not just by building modern technology into products but by delivering solutions that apply an operational understanding of collections and backing them up with excellent service."

  • Kim Stebel

    Kim Stebel

    Tech Lead

    "I enjoy working for Flexys because it gives me the opportunity to shape the technical design of new products and coach software developers."

  • Mark Garland

    Mark Garland

    Senior Software Engineer

    "I care about building high-quality, usable and effective software, which can make a difference to someone struggling with debt."

  • Mark Elliss

    Mark Elliss

    Project Manager

    I’m super excited to be part of such a vibrant and innovative team here at Flexys. I am passionate about the solutions that Flexys offer and ecstatic that I have the pleasure of delivering the services to its clients.

  • Francesca Madeddu

    Francesca Madeddu

    UX Designer

    "I am invested in making sure that user needs are kept central and properly weighted against technical challenges and constraints"

  • Brian Dewis

    Brian Dewis


    "I have worked with Jon, Brian and Joe previously all as part of my senior management team at Talgentra. When they decided to start Flexys in 2016 the proposition was so strong, when asked, I decided to join the board as Chairman. We're building the right products with the right technology at the right time and I'm delighted to be able to share my knowledge, experience and connections to maximise the growth potential for the business."

  • Bill Cuthbert

    Bill Cuthbert

    Software Engineer

    "What I like most about my job is being able to use modern computing languages and new technologies"

  • David Morgan

    David Morgan

    Delivery Engineer

    "I'm proud to be part of the team at Flexys and looking forward to working alongside the sales and development team to help shape the future of our solutions and make a real difference within the collections market."

  • Jon Hickman

    Jon Hickman

    Chief Executive Officer

    “I really enjoy riding motorcycles. It's an exhilarating combination of acceleration, speed, controlled risk, freedom and the satisfaction of doing something to the best of your ability. I get the same kind of feeling working at Flexys.”

  • Julia Hawkes-Reed

    Julia Hawkes-Reed

    Curator of DevOps

    “Devops and continuous delivery make the job of producing software significantly more humane and scalable”

  • Julie Wheeler

    Julie Wheeler

    Business Support Manager

    "I’m really pleased to have joined Flexys at such an exciting time for the company. Flexys has a clear development path, excellent leadership, a dedicated team and there’s always an opportunity to learn something new."

  • Don Liyanage

    Don Liyanage

    Research Engineer in AI

    “Being able to help our customers by providing the right decision at the right time in the right tone is a very satisfactory experience”

  • Joe Heath

    Joe Heath

    Chief Research Officer

    "Many businesses in the collections industry struggle to find the time and resources to innovate. I want to change that by giving them the support to innovate from day one"