Listen now: Flexys Meets... Moneyhub | Flexys


Listen now: Flexys Meets… Moneyhub

Tune into another insightful episode of “Flexys Meets…

In this instalment, we explore how Open Banking is reshaping the financial industry, altering how we bank, save, and invest with special guest Dan Scholey from Moneyhub.

Moneyhub is a pioneering force in Open Banking, facilitating seamless financial data exchange between consumers, businesses, and financial institutions. With its innovative platform, Moneyhub empowers individuals to aggregate and analyse their financial information from multiple sources, offering a comprehensive overview of their financial health.

Dan talks to our CEO, James Hill, about Open Banking’s transformative potential, its impact on consumers, businesses, and financial institutions alike, and the exciting opportunities it presents for the future of finance.

Listen now:

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