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Flexys partners with Tuum

Flexys and Tuum join forces to help banks improve debt management and collection.

Top debt collection software meets innovative core banking platform for a customer-centric digital boost

Flexys, makers of leading debt management software, and Tuum, an innovative core banking provider, are joining forces. By integrating their powerful platforms, the partnership allows banks to modernise debt collection with a real-time, customer-friendly approach.

For banks, the economic landscape of rising consumer debt and stricter regulations is tough to navigate with outdated, clunky debt management systems. Manual processes and disconnected legacy tech make it an uphill battle to meet modern expectations for speedy, personalised service.

But the Flexys-Tuum partnership has a refreshing solution. Their unified ecosystem replaces banks’ creaky old core systems with a cloud-based powerhouse that streamlines debt collection workflows from start to finish. And by harnessing real-time data, banks can tailor interactions to each customer’s unique situation.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Tuum and help banks break out of the legacy debt management rut,” said James Hill, CEO of Flexys. “With our integrated platforms, lenders can ditch inefficient processes in favour of frictionless digital experiences that genuinely support customers when they need it most.”

Jean Souto, VP, Global Partnerships at Tuum, echoed that sentiment: “Flexys and Tuum are tackling debt management pain points head-on. Our partnership gives banks high-tech tools to streamline collections from end-to-end, reducing hassles through automation – a win for everyone involved.”


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About Flexys

Flexys specialises in software that improves and automates debt management and collection.

We provide lenders with all the tools and data they need, in real time. This helps them to mitigate financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

Our clients can create the best debt resolution journey for each of their customers, which in turn helps them to collect more.

About Tuum

At Tuum, our mission is to allow banks to replace their legacy systems quickly and safely, to lower their maintenance spending and to open up new possibilities to adapt and prosper in the digital world; in short, to set them free.

We employ a smart migration approach to help banks to move off their current systems. Using this approach, our clients go-live on average within 7 months.

Once live, our system enables banks to easily launch new products and open up new verticals. Offering more than core, Tuum allows banks to operate multiple business lines from a single system, including accounts, lending, payments and cards, as well as go further through access to a pre-configurated ecosystem of partner solutions.

Tuum also allows for business transformation. Our business builder gives banks the fine-grained settings to precisely configure their operating, sourcing and distribution models to launch unique models to capitalise on the possibilities of digitization.

Tuum. Core banking. Without limits.


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