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Flexys partners with Acquired.com

Flexys partners with Acquired.com to offer a market-leading debt collection payment experience.

Acquired.com, the next-generation payments business focused on powering recurring commerce, and Flexys, a leading UK-based collections management technology provider, are pleased to announce their new partnership.

Flexys’ cloud-based software empowers their clients to work more efficiently, using powerful automation and digitisation. As specialists in their field, Flexys is aiming to redefine the collections technology industry through their real-time platform which provides 24/7 digital customer self-service.

One of Acquired.com’s key aims is to provide businesses like Flexys with the next-generation payments infrastructure and technology that allows them to unify, manage, and optimise the entire payment lifecycle. In doing this, Flexys has been able to implement an ‘out of the box’ solution, enhancing the debt collection payment experience for customers.

Flexys and Acquired.com have begun their partnership journey by working together to provide Flexys’ platform with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Open Banking powered payments. Acquired.com has also supported Flexys in implementing a multi-acquiring strategy, providing them with more options for transaction approval, payment type, acquirer data and cost control.

Commenting on the partnership, Flexys CEO James Hill said,

“At Flexys, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience. Partnering with Acquired.com allows us to provide our clients with a seamless, user-friendly payment experience powered by the latest technologies like digital wallets and Open Banking. 

We’re excited to work with Acquired.com as we continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in collections management.”

AJ Davison, Senior Partner Manager at Acquired.com, commented,

“We’re delighted at Acquired.com to be partnering with Flexys to provide their customer portfolio with our best-in-class Payment solutions. Acquired.com’s products have been built around the collections and recoveries divisions for Financial Services companies so are well suited to provide enhanced payment offerings to Flexys’ enterprise customer base.”

The partnership between Flexys and Acquired.com is a superb demonstration of our shared commitment to enhancing flexibility for agents and customers, and providing a seamless payment experience across all payment methods. Acquired.com is committed to developing the payments experience for all customers in debt. 

By working closely with Flexys, the relationship will enable them to empower their debt collection agents, improve payment success, and continue evolving more accessible and dynamic payment journeys.

To find out more about how real-time debt management and next-generation payments technology can revolutionise your collections, 

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About Flexys

Flexys specialises in software that improves and automates debt management and collection.

We provide lenders with all the tools and data they need, in real time. This helps them to mitigate financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

Our clients can create the best debt resolution journey for each of their customers, which in turn helps them to collect more.

About Acquired.com

Acquired.com is a next-generation payments platform focused on powering recurring commerce.

We exist to give businesses a competitive advantage and help them achieve their goals in the digital economy.

We do this by providing next-generation payment infrastructure and technology to manage and optimise their entire payment lifecycle seamlessly. We combine this capability with exceptional sector expertise and a highly personal and tailored service focused on long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our mission is to become a fundamental part of the payments infrastructure for recurring and digital commerce globally and to be remembered for helping to make our customers successful.

Acquired.com is an FCA-regulated business, an EMD Agent, and a licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider.

For more information, visit www.acquired.com

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