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Water companies are in the public eye and under intense pressure on many fronts. For consumer suppliers, PR24 raises the prospect of tighter price controls, renewed emphasis on C-MeX and tighter regulation around affordability and outcomes for customers in vulnerable circumstances.

For business water providers, the prolonged economic downturn has led to more pressure on customers, large and small, with previously good payers falling into arrears more often, putting additional pressure on collections teams. 

With collections systems often decades old, many water companies are facing a major decision to upgrade or replace. Current systems are falling out of support and meaningful development has ceased, while the proposed upgrades offer little or no uplift in functionality at a significant cost.

Flexys is uniquely positioned to provide a compelling alternative to these low-worth, high-cost mandatory upgrades, and to the non-specialist ‘pop-up’ solutions on the market. Control+ delivers enterprise collections functionality on a single platform with a single data structure, bringing unprecedented clarity and control to your operation. 

It enables exceptionally nuanced treatment of customers while maximising early engagement and self-resolution. Control+ Digital helps you to proactively and unobtrusively communicate with customers in financial difficulty, promoting awareness and take up of social tariffs and help schemes, as well as signposting customers to external debt advice.

In the contact centre, agents are equipped with real-time information and next-best steps guidance to help them excel at their jobs and deliver over-and-above customer service and sustainable, compliant outcomes.

Collections managers are released from frustrating constraints and given the freedom to configure strategy, comms, self-service or agent screens, workflows, timelines and much more – either internally using low code tools, or by taking advantage of our speedy change-as-a-service option. Control+ offers a new level of agility and flexibility only possible with a genuinely cloud-native, event-driven, real-time streaming platform.

What’s more, we understand the particular requirements and challenges of your sector. From our system architects to the delivery team and from our founders to service support, we know water inside out and can help you achieve the evolution to a modern systems infrastructure honed to the needs of water companies and their customers.

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