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Our digital debt collection solution makes it simple and easy for customers in arrears to engage with their telecommunications provider to resolve their debt digitally, without cost and agent intervention.

Control+ has been developed with customer rehabilitation in mind, and we appreciate the difference maintaining a positive relationship with a customer can bring, especially if they fall into arrears, even for a small amount of money.

Our digital-first approach to collections provides end customers with the space, time and information to make an informed offer of repayment for a debt that requires settlement, avoiding the significant embarrassment factor associated with discussing debt and repayment.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Seamless digital customer journey reduces cost to collect
    Easy-to-use by design – reduces drop out, allowing the maximum number of customers to resolve their debt episodes successfully with no agent intervention
  • Collaborative digital engagement eliminates confrontation
    Leading to more debt collected and improved debt resolution
  • Fair and appropriate arrangement and promise creation
    Allowing arrangements that are reasonable and affordable to maintain, reducing broken commitments through a first-time resolution

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