Solutions | Flexys

Digital collection engagement on any device or platform.

  • Collaborative engagement, not confrontational
  • Digitally driven customer self-service
  • Fair and appropriate arrangement and promise creation
  • Sentiment and vulnerability scores
  • Simple online payments
  • Low friction UX

Call centre debt resolution, segmentation, treatment and agent management

  • Simple and easy to use agent interface for the digital age
  • Sophisticated and flexible segmentation and workflow
  • Insight driven by machine learning
  • Fully business configurable and extensible
  • Data visualisation, dashboards and MI
  • Collaborative and agile delivery

Litigation and DCA management

  • Smart allocation to DCA
  • Automated litigation
  • Recovery and asset management
  • Automated search and trace



The right message across the right channel at the right time

  • Communications module
  • Multi-channel

Machine learning to automate strategy optimisation, identify customer segments, define sentiment

  • Machine learning powered optimisation
  • Event streams for configurable data extracts
  • A single ruleset and database end to end