UK Finance Digital Innovation Summit 2023 | Flexys


UK Finance Digital Innovation Summit 2023

Join Flexys at the UK Finance Digital Innovation Summit, bringing together speakers from business, academia, government and regulators to explore the emerging technologies that will transform finance.

Flexys will be in London on 31 October 2023 for the UK Finance Digital Innovation Summit.

We’ll be sharing our innovative work in the banking sector, triggered by the need for new and flexible technological solutions during the pandemic, and continuing as additional functions seek to evolve their technology to be future fit and ready for what’s next.

As the prolonged financial squeeze hits customer debt and the associated risk to liquidity rises up the corporate agenda, our team will be offering an industry-defining perspective on how banks can safely transform their collections operation.

When: 31 October 2023

Where: ETC, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD

To meet on the day and find out more about Flexys Control+ and our work with banks, drop us a line at