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Podcast: It’s Maths not Magic: Real-World AI for Debt Management

by Astra Baker

The third podcast in the Refreshing Collections series examines the potential of machine learning in debt management

For the third Refreshing Collections podcast we are joined by a cross-sector panel of experts comprising:

Paul Clark, CTO, Tandem Bank
Kit Wilson, Head of Transformation, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Mehmet Aydin, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science UWE
Pedro Ferreira, Research Consultant in AI
David Scholefield Chief Information Security Officer
Paddy Gilling, Solutions Consultant, Flexys 

In this series of short podcasts, we examine developments in machine learning as they apply to debt management and try to separate the hype from reality. The panel discusses what the risks associated with machine learning might be including bias, GDPR and data security. We also discuss what the future holds for machine learning, what the benefits are, and if we are heading towards a dystopian future.

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