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MotoNovo Finance and Flexys Extend Debt Collection Partnership

Like most lenders, Motonovo Finance, one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent finance companies, experienced a sudden and dramatic increase in calls and enquiries from concerned customers when the COVID-19 lockdown began. With an excellent customer service reputation to protect, Motonovo moved quickly to implement a digital hardship evaluation tool from Flexys that enables customers to securely provide information about their changed circumstances via a digital form.

The data collected can then be automatically triaged using configurable rules and followed up using automated workflow so that advisors can manage incoming enquiries in a methodical and prioritised way.

Head of Collections at Motonovo, Mark Porter, said, ‘It’s at times like these that businesses need to move quickly and get the right technology in place so that customers can get the right assistance as soon as possible. With the Flexys evaluation tool rapidly delivered and up and running in days, our advisors are now better placed to reach customers who need our help more quickly and prioritise those in the most difficult circumstances.’

Flexys Solutions CEO, Jon Hickman explained ‘As a dynamic company, we were able to move quickly to help our clients by creating a secure digital tool to collect and triage standardised information, including the Government’s COVID-19 measures like furloughing and payment breaks. As a technologically advanced business, Motonovo were ideally placed to adopt this new facility and seamlessly integrate it into their existing systems.’

With difficult economic times ahead post-lockdown, consumer circumstances will continue to be volatile and uncertain, and lenders solely reliant on contact centre telephony will continue to experience heavy demand for services.

Flexys CTO, Brian Smith, continues ‘Flexys worked in partnership with the MotoNovo team to create a new digital journey available to all customers, whether they are in arrears or not. In the aftermath of COVID-19, Flexys clients can use the structured data collected with our Collect workflow and decisioning engine to serve differing customer groups in a more context-sensitive manner.’

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