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Flexys Control+ Awarded Arum Approved System Certification

by Flexys Marketing Team

Flexys is pleased to announce that our Control+ debt management solution has met the stringent criteria to be certified an Arum Approved System.

Arum provided a review of Flexys Control+ for the Collections & Recoveries market, consisting of a ratification process that determines if the system meets current and known upcoming industry needs.

Arum Approved System

Arum’s comprehensive assessment concluded that Flexys Control+ has Best-in-Class Agent Ul, Flexible Integration with all and any interfacing partners, Integral Dynamic Customer Self-service and Industry-Leading Technology Architecture.

To find out how Flexys can help you transform your collections technology and reap the benefits of seamless interconnectivity, real-time data-driven insights, an immutable audit trail for accountability, dynamic customer journeys and a cohesive and efficient modern collections operation,

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