Roundtable: How will your Collections Operation Prepare for 2021's 'Perfect Storm'? | Flexys


Roundtable: How will your Collections Operation Prepare for 2021’s ‘Perfect Storm’?

How will your collections operation prepare for 2021’s ‘perfect storm’?

On 26 November 2020, Flexys is hosting a virtual roundtable bringing together a cross-sector panel of debt collection and credit management professionals to debate real-world challenges and share best practice in preparation for the significant pressures 2021 will bring.

The invite-only format provides a supportive environment designed to foster open discussion under the experienced guidance of Stephen Kiely. The proposed topics include:

  • How can collections managers plan for a future that isn’t yet clear?
  • In tough operating conditions, how can organisations balance the need for revenue and profitability with the needs of customers, including those in vulnerable circumstances?
  •  How can collections teams make the most out of budget and resources without compromising service levels?
  • What are the blockers to a more agile and dynamic collections operation?
  • How can information security be maintained and GDPR breaches avoided when departments are under intense pressure?


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