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Create Compelling Collections Communications with Control+ Generative AI

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We are pleased to announce that Generative AI integration is now available in our Control+ debt collection system.

The integration enables admin users of Control+ (with the correct permissions) to enter simple instructions and create new and rich communications templates in seconds, guided by configuration and system prompts.  These instructions can include the messages to convey, tone of voice to use, detailed information to provide and more.

Control+ clients can use Generative AI, such as GPT-4, to edit and refine templates iteratively, which then go through their normal approval cycle.  The benefit is quick content creation, always with important, appropriate safeguards in place.  Of course, once templates are created and approved, they can be attached to timelines, controlling which channels messages are sent over and during which windows, creating compelling campaigns to engage customers and keep them engaged.

This useful feature can also be used to design other templated configuration elements, such as components for use in agent screens or information pages in a self-service journey.

Talk to our team to arrange a demo and explore this exciting new tool to enhance and speed up your collections messaging.

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