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Public Sector

At Flexys, we enable the Public Sector to dramatically improve debt collection practices from the confrontational model associated with the over-use of bailiffs, to a more customer-centric approach, ensuring people are treated appropriately and fairly, based on their life circumstances and financial situation.

As the number of households that are over-indebted rises and the amount of debt owed to local and national government organisations continues to increase, the positive difference that the implementation of an effective collections solution can make in improving debt collection while reducing costs is increasingly evident.

People in arrears to public sector bodies often also have financial difficulties in other areas of their life and our solution sets out to take a person’s entire financial health into consideration.

Our Control+ solution makes it easy for customers in arrears to collaborate with the public sector, helping both parties to agree on realistic targets to resolve the situation. Where repayment arrangements are set at an affordable level, they are more likely to be sustainable in the long term. Flexys helps public sector collections departments manage the process through communication, engagement and a sustainable repayment journey, to find a solution that works for everyone.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Accessible and dynamic digital collections journey that reduces the cost to collect
    Easy-to-use by design – reduces dropout, allowing the maximum number of customers to resolve their debt episodes successfully with no agent intervention
  • Collaborative digital engagement eliminates confrontation
    Using data to inform the customer journey in real-time delivers a relevant and personalised experience
  • Fair, appropriate and sustainable arrangement and promise creation
    Using your organisation’s parameters to create arrangements that are reasonable and affordable to maintain, reducing broken commitments through a first-time resolution

What is more, individual solution modules can be delivered in a matter of weeks to address specific collections issues, such as digital customer self-service or debt collection agency management. Built on a robust digital technology platform, the modules can be integrated over time to deliver a complete enterprise-wide collections system. This approach to modular delivery over time reduces capital costs and the need for a costly and lengthy IT project.