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Reddy Sakkur

Reddy Sakkur

Delivery Engineer

"Over the years, continuous learning is my self-motivated persistence in acquiring knowledge and competencies in order to expand my skill set. Willingness to learn is a key behaviour that helps me to get on in life, whether personally or professionally."

With an MSc in Computer Science, Reddy is an ambitious and optimistic individual with academic credentials combined with experience from the real business world and a diverse background.  He is a collaborative communicator and a results-oriented and self-driven Engineer.

Reddy employs root cause analysis to identify issues and develop process improvements. He is a dedicated team leader with the ability to effectively manage and achieve project goals, leveraging complex understanding of systems engineering concepts.

Reddy is part of the Flexys Delivery Team, working closely with clients to integrate, customise and configure our solution to best meet their specific business requirements.