Jordan Bailes | Flexys
Jordan Bailes

Jordan Bailes

Software Engineer

“Flexys really feels like the kind of place I can make an impact without having to sacrifice the beauty and elegance of the kinds of software I want to write.”

Jordan’s path to Flexys has been one of twists and turns. Despite having always loved computers he initially wondered if programming would be too repetitive and studied something completely different.

After graduating, Jordan started his working life at a local toy company, realising a passion for writing software when he streamlined the company’s order processing. From there, Jordan achieved a Masters in Computer Science with distinction, and after working in retail software-as-a-service, he now finds himself at Flexys as a Scala developer, attracted to the down-to-earth people, the company’s tech stack, forward-looking approach and innovative vision of making debt management as streamlined and modern as any of the other tech products you’re likely to use on a day-to-day basis.