Jon Hickman | Flexys
Jon Hickman

Jon Hickman

Chief Executive Officer

“I really enjoy riding motorcycles. It's an exhilarating combination of acceleration, speed, controlled risk, freedom and the satisfaction of doing something to the best of your ability. I get the same kind of feeling working at Flexys.”

Jon has been involved in building collections and recoveries software for over 30 years. As CEO and co-founder of Flexys, he enables the business to build and deliver innovative solutions that take advantage of new ways of working, new technology and new attitudes.

Jon’s previous work for a number of market-leading collections and recoveries software houses, as well as a number of digital fintech businesses, has provided him with the creative input needed to be both innovative and practical. He draws inspiration from experience in Europe, the USA, Middle East and Africa, where he provided collections and recoveries solutions across Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Utilities.

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