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Flexys was formed in 2016 by a group of debt management solution specialists looking to dramatically improve on the status quo in the industry.

The founders have all worked for  large software corporations in senior positions in the collections and recoveries solution space. With many decades of commercial, development and operational collections experience between them, they know what good looks like and they are all driven by a passion to deliver the most innovative debt management solutions using fresh thinking and a new approach.

Our values

We took time to think carefully about our core values and they are at the heart of who we are. They guide the direction and actions of our team and our business, ensuring a clear and confident purpose.

  • Open & <br /> Transparent

    Open &

  • Self Critical &<br /> Continually Improving

    Self Critical &
    Continually Improving

  • Pragmatic &<br /> Prioritised

    Pragmatic &

  • Supporting & <br /> Collaborative

    Supporting &

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At Flexys we are delivering an end-to-end enterprise level collections solution suite for the digital age, spanning pre-arrears through to DCA Management, litigation and write off.

Underpinning this collections suite is a robust and modern technology platform or “stack”. Designed by Flexys software engineers with decades of collections systems experience, the Flexys platform means that specific solutions to address immediate needs can be rapidly implemented alongside existing collections systems providing immediate benefits for clients.

Fresh thinking from Flexys means that replacing an ageing collections system is no longer a costly, capital intensive long term IT project. In its place is the concept of fast modular solutions that can be integrated and extended over time to provide a complete enterprise-wide collections solution suite. This modular approach to delivery means that a solution to address a specific collections issue, such as digital customer self service, can be providing a return on investment in a matter of weeks at the same time as being the first progressive step to legacy system replacement.

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The team

Our team is looking to dramatically improve on the status quo in the industry. We believe that by offering fresh thinking, working collaboratively and applying innovative technology, we can add substantial value. Our culture is one that encourages creativity, learning and continual improvement. Providing value for our clients is the focus of what we do but we recognise we can do that more effectively by doing things right so we invest in our people, tools, and practices sensibly.

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