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Motor Finance

The rapid growth of motor finance lending, underpinned by personal contract purchase (PCP) has led to a corresponding growth of customers in arrears and an increased workload for collections departments. Control+ is specifically designed to help our motor finance clients maximise the amount of debt collected while reducing costs and serving customers quickly and efficiently.

Customers can engage and resolve their debt episode using their preferred device at a time and place of their choosing. They can be given the option to pay in full, make an arrangement based on income and expenditure or create a promise to pay, where appropriate.

In the contact centre, Control+  facilitates segmentation, workflow automation, treatment and agent management. Designed for the digital age using cloud-native technology, end-to-end collections strategies can be created which manage customer interaction from self-service through to agent engagement and automated follow up.

At the same time, agents are empowered with context-sensitive customer information and guidance which ensures they have relevant and productive conversations every time. A range of methods and agent guidance means that potentially vulnerable customers can be identified and managed appropriately using sophisticated business process modelling techniques.

Our highly scalable systems are easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and show results in a matter of weeks. At Flexys, we understand the motor finance sector and the importance of establishing a sustainable debt resolution for both the lender and the customer.

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