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Housing Sector

The pandemic and the current cost of living squeeze has undoubtedly had a significant impact on housing associations with tenants experiencing economic uncertainty and organisations reporting rising arrears. Our Control+ arrears management and collection system has the key capabilities and flexibility to meet the needs of the housing market.

What are the benefits to you?

From large-scale transformation such as mergers to introducing new processes, Control+ has the flexibility and scalability to empower system administrators to easily and independently implement an organisation’s business requirements.

Adapt Rapidly to Change
Whether it’s the Government introducing new legislation to change debt letter wording or an internal change to the Notice of Seeking Possession process, Flexys Control+ enables arrears management teams to configure, test and implement changes rapidly.

Context-Sensitive User Interface (UI)
Our context-sensitive UI enables housing officers to treat tenants fairly and consistently according to their circumstances. For example, when a tenant has had a recent court hearing, the UI should prompt the officer to enter a court hearing outcome and display the relevant follow-up actions dependent on that outcome.

Digital Self-Service
Offering a digital channel for tenants to independently resolve their arrears is essential.  Tenants can pay in full, make an arrangement based on income and expenditure or make a promise to pay. This eases the pressure on already overburdened operation centres. Providing a digital channel should not be seen as an ‘all or nothing’ venture that will result in a reduction in more traditional services for non-digital or vulnerable tenants. Conversely, resources freed up by digital self-service can be diverted towards improving other services.

Flexys Control+ is a cloud-native arrears management system. It is scalable, cost-effective and quick to deploy. It can be easily integrated with existing systems whatever their origin, and with no on-premises infrastructure to maintain, it will demand a fraction of the budget in comparison with older, analogue systems.

Housing sector specialism within the Flexys team and familiarity with the intricacies of the social housing collections processes mean project delivery and support requests are smooth and efficient.

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