Contain | Flexys

Automated litigation, DCA panel management and debt recovery

  • Machine learning optimisation of DCA allocation
  • Event streams for configurable data extracts
  • A single ruleset and database end to end

Contain is our solution designed to manage late-stage collections and litigation. It shares the same digital platform as the rest of Control+ and harnesses the power of machine learning to deliver a complete solution to address the complex issues of the later stages of the collections lifecycle.

  • Smart allocation to DCAs
  • Cost-effective litigation
  • Easier recovery and asset management
  • Automated search and trace

So, whether your collections challenge is about improving the way you allocate accounts to ensure they are handled by the most appropriate and effective DCA in your panel or whether it is about assessing the potential of recovery to drive a debt sale or collections choice, Contain can ensure you optimise your decisions in the best way to maximise recovery and keep recovery costs down.

And should litigation form part of your collections strategy, Contain integrates seamlessly with court systems to improve efficiency and keep costs contained.

Delivered as a digital cloud solution, Contain can be implemented and deliver improved recovery performance within a matter of weeks.

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