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Control+ is a cloud-native, digital-first debt collection and recovery system managed for you in the cloud; fully robust, compliant and scalable with the flexibility to easily and quickly adapt to regulatory, economic or environmental change. It provides end-to-end collections functionality with different configurations forming modular solutions: Collaborate, Collect and Contain.



Control+ empowers you to perform changes to meet regulatory or business requirements via our configuration tool or, simply and quickly, via our implementation team – in hours or days, not weeks or months. Control+ can take your collections operation where it needs to go: select platform extensions from our library of preconfigured solutions or speak to us about bespoke development. Test new strategies and implement changes in-house or with help from our responsive team, with new approaches up and running rapidly.

Our state-of-the-art technology stack guarantees Control+ is infinitely scalable and extensible so new business requirements can be easily accommodated. Our microservices model means you scale only those services that require more processing power or network bandwidth. Each service can evolve independently and deploy frequently, keeping operational disruption to a minimum.
Join up data sources, applications, systems and devices on a real-time basis via APIs. Seamless integration between these applications is the key to achieving the advantages of true digital transformation.


Serve the majority of customers quickly and conveniently using intelligent digital self-service that dynamically responds to information in real-time. Deliver appropriate and personalised journeys that anticipate customers’ needs and learn from each encounter.

Automate across your operation to focus your team where they are really needed. Make it easier for your agents to work productively, supported by having all the relevant information at their fingertips and with smart guidance on the next best actions. Reduce the cost burden of inefficient processes, wasted effort and repetition.

As a cloud-native solution, Control+ will reduce your on-premises infrastructure costs and maintenance burden.


Control+ is securely hosted on Google Cloud Platform and is in a continuous state of refinement and development. New features are regularly pre-tested and made available for users via the Cloud. In a continuous development environment, long waits for costly upgrades, security improvements or additional functionality are a thing of the past.

Our in-house R&D team focus solely on collections technology and work continually to anticipate requirements and evolve new features.


You will find our can-do service ethic a refreshing change. If you need our help, you will always speak to a dedicated team member who is an expert in our system and who is responsive to your needs. When you become a Flexys client, you become part of a valued user community with the opportunity to collaborate with our R&D team, influence our development roadmap and have your voice heard at our regular user groups.

24/7 digital self-service collections on mobile, tablet or PC

  • Seamless, inclusive digital customer journey that reduces the cost to collect
  • More debt collected and improved debt resolution across the cycle
  • Reduced broken commitments through a first-time resolution
  • Enhanced business reputation – treating vulnerable customers fairly

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Modular contact centre solution for segmentation, workflow, treatment and agent management

  • Sophisticated, flexible segmentation and automated, graphical workflow
  • Manage customer interaction from self-service through to agent engagement and automated follow up on a single platform in real-time
  • Smart data visualisation and easy-to-use, intuitive agent interface
  • Control in your hands: easy to configure, highly scalable and extensible
  • Effortless performance monitoring across the collections landscape

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Automated litigation, DCA panel management and debt recovery

  • Machine learning optimisation of DCA allocation
  • Event streams for configurable data extracts
  • A single ruleset and database end to end

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