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Control+ is a cloud-native, digital-first debt collection and recovery system managed for you in the cloud; fully robust, compliant and scalable with the flexibility to easily and quickly adapt to regulatory, economic or environmental change. It provides end-to-end collections functionality from digital self-service to agent management and recoveries.


24/7 digital self-service collections

  • Seamless, inclusive digital customer journey that reduces the cost to collect
  • Dynamic journeys that adapt to new information in real-time
  • Reduced broken commitments through a first-time resolution
  • Enhanced business reputation – treating vulnerable customers fairly

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Manage segmentation, workflow, treatment and agent activity

  • Sophisticated, flexible segmentation and automated, graphical workflow
  • Manage customer interaction from self-service through to agent engagement and automated follow up on a single platform in real-time
  • Smart data visualisation and easy-to-use, intuitive agent interface
  • Control in your hands: easy to configure, highly scalable and extensible
  • Effortless performance monitoring across the collections landscape

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Automated litigation, DCA panel management and debt recovery

  • Machine learning optimisation of DCA allocation
  • Event streams for configurable data extracts
  • A single ruleset and database end to end

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