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Control+ is a highly flexible and configurable digital-first debt management, collection and recovery product managed for you in the cloud. It is robust, compliant and scalable and helps you to easily and quickly adapt to regulatory, economic or environmental change. It provides enterprise collections functionality from digital self-service to agent management and recoveries all on a single, cloud-native, real-time streaming platform.

Designed for the future, built on experience

Digital Self Service

24/7 digital customer self-service

  • Inclusive digital customer experience that reduces the cost to collect
  • Accessible, dynamic journeys that adapt to new information in real-time
  • Reduced broken commitments through improved first-time resolution
  • Enhanced business reputation – treating vulnerable customers fairly
  • Direct customers to appropriate help schemes, support and advice

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Agent Management, Workflow, Automation

Seamlessly manage segmentation, workflow, treatment and agent activity

  • Sophisticated, flexible segmentation and automated, graphical workflow
  • Manage all customer interaction on a single platform in real-time
  • Smart data visualisation and easy-to-use, intuitive agent interface
  • Control in your hands: configurable, highly scalable and extensible
  • Effortless performance monitoring across the collections landscape

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DCA Management, Litigation, Recoveries

Automated litigation, DCA panel management and debt recovery

  • Optimised DCA allocation
  • Event streams for configurable data extracts
  • A single ruleset and database end to end

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