Debt Collection and Management Solutions | Flexys

Digital self-service collections on mobile, tablet or PC

  • Seamless digital customer journey reduces cost to collect
  • More debt collected and improved debt resolution
  • Reduced broken commitments through a first-time resolution
  • Enhanced business reputation – treating vulnerable customers fairly

Modular call centre solution for segmentation, treatment, agent management and debt resolution

  • Augmented intelligence for effective arrangements every time
  • “Segments of one” – actions are timely, appropriate and relevant to the debtor’s circumstances.
  • Control in your hands, not IT or a Supplier
  • Effortless performance monitoring across the collections landscape

Automated litigation, DCA panel management and debt recovery

  • Machine learning optimisation of DCA allocation
  • Event streams for configurable data extracts
  • A single ruleset and database end to end

Machine learning to automate strategy optimisation, identify customer segments and define sentiment

  • Focus resource by accurately identifying propensity, self-cures, won’t-pays
  • Ensure best possible outcome by predicting next best action
  • Mitigate against reputational damage by signposting potential vulnerability
  • Helps rehabilitate customers and build loyalty
  • Reduces call centre workload
  • Lower cost to collect
  • Implement multiple integrated strategies to address specific collections issues.

The right message across the right channel at the right time

  • Selects the best communications channel strategy
  • Continuous communications improvement