Debt collection agencies | Flexys

Whether you are providing an outsourced service, working as a 3rd party agency or acquiring a debt book, the modular range of Flexys collections solutions can assist forward thinking DCAs in a number of key ways.

In the first instance, our digital self service module known as Collaborate enables digital self-service engagement on any device or platform to help agencies engage with customers in a dynamic and flexible way. This encourages greater take up of offers, promises and arrangements, resulting in more debts resolved and more revenue collected. It represents a low cost way of reconnecting with the debtor, securing payment arrangements in a low cost way, without agent intervention.

Underpinned by a robust digital technology platform, all Flexys solutions integrate cutting edge machine learning to enable collaborative self service in early stage collections through to agent empowerment throughout the process, ensuring that collections costs are contained and debts are resolved successfully in line with ever increasing regulatory requirements.

Collections agencies can also use our Cognition solution to analyse debt books in a variety of ways to provide a more intelligent assessment of the debt. For example, using machine learning, Cognition can quickly identify “won’t pays” and fast track them to litigation or it could be employed to help assess debt quality before a book is purchased.

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