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Drive Efficiency and Reduce Costs

How can I drive efficiency and reduce the cost to collect while improving customer service?

Reduce time and resource costs by offering customers the opportunity to resolve their arrears quickly and simply using the device they prefer, at a time that suits them. Deploy the Flexys digital self-service solution to resolve more early arrears without recourse to expensive letters and phone calls.

The elastic capacity created can then be diverted to where it’s needed most. This can mean more time for vulnerable customers and less time in call queues for those who prefer to speak to an agent on the phone.

Deploy our agent management solution for segmentation, automating workflow, treatment and agent management. Designed for the digital age using cloud-native technology, end-to-end collections strategies can be created which manage customer interaction from self-service through to agent engagement and automated follow up.

At the same time, agents are empowered with context-sensitive customer information and guidance which ensures they have relevant and productive conversations every time. A range of methods and agent guidance means that potentially vulnerable customers can be identified and managed appropriately using sophisticated business process modelling techniques.

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