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Front End Software Engineers

Flexys is looking for senior front end software engineers adept with Angular (12+ preferred). This is an opportunity to positively impact a suite of fintech applications and to help build a customisable user interface.

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DevOps Placement Student

We have an exciting opportunity for a DevOps Placement Student to join one of our two multidisciplinary DevOps teams, allowing the exploration of 

  • Frontend (Angular, Typescript, Javascript, NPM, HTML, CSS, etc.), building responsive and scalable single-page applications.
  • Backend (Scala, JVM, FP, Microservices, REST, Kafka, etc.), building event-based backend systems, including connecting and integrating with host systems over external APIs.
  • IT operations (Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, GCP, Prometheus), building and supporting our cloud-native clusters to ensure responsible and reliable platforms.

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Why work with Flexys?

What we do

We work at the forefront of debt management technology providing systems that make it easier for the customer and the creditor to communicate and resolve debt in a collaborative way. It’s a sensitive and important area to work in, where the combination of creative thinking and modern technology can make a big difference to people’s lives.

Our cloud-native Control+ platform is leading the field and transforming the way organisations engage with their customers, and improving their employee experience. Our clients include banks, financial services, utility companies and motor finance providers. 

Who we are

Flexys offers an alternative to the old legacy ways of doing things, and that extends to our team culture and management style. You will be part of a supportive and open company where ideas are welcomed, and every team member has a voice and can flourish. 

You will be someone who cares about quality and is comfortable with trying new ways of doing things. You won’t be afraid to challenge or be challenged within a supportive and collaborative environment. Your colleagues will offer you support and be supported by you.

What you can expect

As well as offering a competitive salary, Flexys is a great place to work. We aim for a healthy work-life balance where employees are treated as human beings. Our team works set core hours with a flexible start or finish time (within agreed limits). This makes it easier to manage family commitments and to fit external appointments and other responsibilities into the daily schedule.

We are a remote working company with offices at the Future Space Innovation Hub in Bristol, easily accessible by public transport, car or bicycle. There are several different on-site cafés and shops, a variety of breakout options and shower and changing facilities for cyclists and runners.

You will have the choice of booking a desk and working in the office with colleagues whenever you wish. While working from home, we will make sure you are supported with everything you need. 

To attract and retain the best talent, we offer a range of class-leading benefits including

30 days holiday per year 

Private medical insurance

Group life insurance

Contributory pension scheme

Discounted onsite state-of-the-art gym membership

Annual professional development/training contribution


Work with us

Team values

We are looking for people with ability and potential who are reliable, honest and empathetic. You are welcome to apply and will be considered on merit, no matter what your ethnicity, gender identity, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, age, family or civil status, disability, religion or socio-economic background.

We positively encourage applications from creative people who think outside the box and we believe diversity makes both our products and our working lives better.

Our ethos is to provide a stimulating, safe and rewarding work environment where every one of our team is free to contribute ideas and value to the company, express themselves and grow in experience and knowledge.


  • James Hill

    James Hill

    Chief Executive Officer

    "I am a firm believer that teams achieve the greatest success when working collectively towards the same goal. Flexys embodies this value and it is a pleasure to lead such a fantastic team of talented individuals."

  • Olly Collis

    Olly Collis

    Business Development Manager

    "Having a genuine interest in all things collections, I couldn't be more excited to be joining the experienced team here at Flexys, they have a sole focus on collections and continue to redefine the industry, it's something I simply had to be a part of!
    The next few years will be incredibly exciting, we are vastly improving what is already a best-in-class collections platform and I am super proud to be involved."

  • Matt Morris

    Matt Morris

    Head of Support

    “My ethos is and always has been to put the client heart of all I do. It’s obvious this is key to the Flexys approach to their clients and service and it’s this that attracted me to want to join #TeamFlexys."

  • Charlie Crawt

    Charlie Crawt

    Business Development Manager

    "I strive to build great relationships that provide value and help our clients win, and working at Flexys enables me to do exactly that."

  • Stu Robinson

    Stu Robinson

    Chief Operating Officer

    “I am thrilled to be taking on the role of COO at Flexys. We have an extremely talented team in place and I very much look forward to working with the Board and the Delivery and Support teams, in particular, to further hone our world-class services to exceed client experience and to underpin our ambitious plans to grow the business.”

  • Mahbub Hasan

    Mahbub Hasan

    Financial Controller

    "In my first few months here, I have been amazed by the skills and qualities my colleagues bring to this company. I've joined at a really exciting time and I look forward to being involved in helping it grow over the coming years."

  • Sean Mallen

    Sean Mallen

    Business Development Manager

    “Listening is the most important part of the job, if you are not listening you are not learning.”

  • Martin Aldridge

    Martin Aldridge

    Solutions Consultant

    "From pre-sales to delivery, my ethos is to provide business and functional solution consultancy for major clients requiring complex design, promoting best practice, always keen on challenging the as-is scenario in order to propose improved outcomes and high-quality solutions."

  • Kate Simpson

    Kate Simpson

    Head of Marketing

    “Marketing is all about matching products and services with customer needs. It’s a joy at Flexys, where our innovative solutions and passionate people allow us to meet and exceed customer expectations and deliver real business benefit. I’m relishing the opportunity to play a part in Flexys’ growth, so it's market-leading in every way.”

  • Sam Oldham

    Sam Oldham

    Software Engineer

    "I believe software engineers have a responsibility to create systems that add value to people's lives by helping them solve problems. This aligns with the Flexys product which motivates me to produce my best work."

  • Beth Abbott-Stratford

    Beth Abbott-Stratford

    Chief Financial Officer

    "I am very pleased to be joining Flexys at a key moment in its growth and development. I'm passionate about using my experience to support an interesting company with an excellent product offering and huge potential, and I am looking forward to working with the team through this next phase of growth and beyond."

  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond

    Sales Solutions Engineer

    "Knowledge sharing is key to delivering great solutions for clients. I believe in working closely with clients to not only understand their requirements but also to empower them to grow their solutions in the future."

  • Jon Hickman

    Jon Hickman

    Founder and Non-Executive Director

    "I really enjoy riding motorcycles. It's an exhilarating combination of acceleration, speed, controlled risk, freedom and the satisfaction of doing something to the best of your ability. I get the same kind of feeling working at Flexys."

  • Jordan Bailes

    Jordan Bailes

    Software Engineer

    “Flexys really feels like the kind of place I can make an impact without having to sacrifice the beauty and elegance of the kinds of software I want to write.”

  • Jay Rabjohns

    Jay Rabjohns

    Software Engineer

    'Flexys has been incredibly welcoming and accommodating. I look forward to seeing what I can achieve as part of this team.'

  • Kaycee Obanya

    Kaycee Obanya

    Delivery Engineer

    "I love learning and seeking better solutions to problems I encounter in my projects. Flexys gives me the opportunity to do both."

  • Simon Clark

    Simon Clark

    Head of Delivery

    “I believe in empowering teams to be their best by coaching, mentoring and leading them from the side and not the front - that way they can see where they’re going and can make their own decisions.”

  • Brian Dewis

    Brian Dewis

    Non-Executive Chairman

    "I have worked with Jon and Brian previously as part of my senior management team at Talgentra. When they decided to start Flexys in 2016 the proposition was so strong, I decided to join the board as Chairman. We're building the right products with the right technology at the right time and I'm delighted to be able to share my knowledge, experience and connections to maximise the growth potential for the business."

  • Tom Diment

    Tom Diment

    Chief Information Security Officer

    "I'm really excited and intrigued to help Flexys on their journey and humbled to be on board with them for it. It's my mission to create a frictionless, but practical IT security environment where it's viewed as a business enabler, not a blocker."

  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Founder and Chief Technology Officer

    "The idea for Flexys took root after building solutions using products and services available in the market. It made me realise how much opportunity there was to better the status quo, not just by building modern technology into products but by delivering solutions that apply an operational understanding of collections and backing them up with excellent service."

  • Christian Hodkinson

    Christian Hodkinson

    Client Success Manager

    At Flexys, I work with a great bunch of people and state-of-the-art technology. We are able to turn around changes and concepts in very short timescales, which is ideal for clients who require rapid changes. Having previously worked in a delivery role at Flexys, I am able to use this experience to assist clients with technical knowledge and delivery outlook.

  • David Morgan

    David Morgan

    Delivery Engineer

    "I'm proud to be part of the team at Flexys working alongside the sales and development team to help shape the future of our solutions and make a real difference within the collections market."

  • Steve Lynch

    Steve Lynch

    Delivery Engineer

    "I take a holistic approach to problem-solving and always consider the wider impacts of change."

  • Daniel Siguero

    Daniel Siguero

    DevOps Engineer

    “Flexys is the kind of place where everyone’s voice is heard. This is one of the most important requisites to build great software.”

  • Francesca Madeddu

    Francesca Madeddu

    UX Engineer

    "I am invested in making sure that user needs are kept central and properly weighted against technical challenges and constraints"

  • Julie Wheeler

    Julie Wheeler

    Business Support Manager

    "Flexys has a clear development path, excellent leadership, a dedicated team and there’s always an opportunity to learn something new."

  • Mark Garland

    Mark Garland

    Senior Software Engineer

    "I care about building high-quality, usable and effective software which can make a difference to someone struggling with debt."

  • Sergio Martín Sánchez

    Sergio Martín Sánchez

    Software Engineer

    "I believe in continuous improvement as a lifestyle, intending that those improvements help this world to be a better place to live in"

  • Kieran Sears

    Kieran Sears

    Software Engineer

    "Tools are one of the most effective means of influencing the greatest number of people. The intriguing part is how to ensure they are used in the correct way."

  • Chris Lynch

    Chris Lynch

    Solutions Consultant

  • Luke Aldridge

    Luke Aldridge

    Delivery Engineer

    "Building strong relationships with clients and understanding their objectives is critical to the success of a delivery project. My goal is to meet or exceed those expectations and help our clients maximise value from their collections system."

  • Sue Hickman

    Sue Hickman

    Brand and Content Manager

    "At Flexys, we have a transparent and authentic approach to everything we do. It's my job to make sure our marketing reflects that philosophy."

  • Kim Stebel

    Kim Stebel

    Head of Software Development

    "I enjoy working for Flexys because it gives me the opportunity to shape the technical design of new products and coach software developers."

  • Tamás Németh

    Tamás Németh

    Software Engineer

    "I'm genuinely pleased to be implementing user interfaces that help to make life better and enable creditors to treat customers fairly."

  • Tom Ashman

    Tom Ashman

    DevOps Engineer

    "I love working at Flexys because I get to help create advanced software using cutting edge tools and processes. I believe the software we create will help change how the finance industry serves consumers in debt."