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About us


Innovators at heart

We are collections technology specialists with more than three decades of collective experience from solution design and consultancy to delivery and support. We have redefined the collections technology industry, vastly improving the speed, functionality, flexibility and resilience of debt management systems. We have achieved this by applying fresh thinking to everything we do.

A partnership approach

We offer a uniquely collaborative approach, working with organisations to transform their collections operation to be future-fit and able to respond quickly and dynamically to the challenges of a constantly changing world.

Smarter, quicker, better

We empower your agents to work smart, using powerful automation and digitisation to free them from mundane and routine tasks. The speed and accuracy of our real-time platform make their jobs easier and more productive, removing friction and frustration so that they can deliver positive experiences for every customer.

Control in your hands

Our Control+ platform delivers an unprecedented level of configuration and flexibility so that you get the collections system you need. When new demands emerge, you can adapt, change and expand your system to meet any challenge.

Your success is our success

We are building a community of forward-thinking clients who aspire to be the best in their sector. When you partner with Flexys, you will enter a world where the ideas never stop, the service is outstanding, and there are no limitations to your ambitions.


Every one of our team helps to make Flexys what it is


  • Brian Dewis

    Brian Dewis

    Non-Executive Chairman

    "I have worked with Jon and Brian previously as part of my senior management team at Talgentra. When they decided to start Flexys in 2016 the proposition was so strong, I decided to join the board as Chairman. We're building the right products with the right technology at the right time and I'm delighted to be able to share my knowledge, experience and connections to maximise the growth potential for the business."

  • Matt Morris

    Matt Morris

    Head of Support

    “My ethos is and always has been to put the client heart of all I do. It’s obvious this is key to the Flexys approach to their clients and service and it’s this that attracted me to want to join #TeamFlexys."

  • Martin Aldridge

    Martin Aldridge

    Principal Product Consultant

    "From pre-sales to delivery, my ethos is to provide business and functional solution consultancy for major clients requiring complex design, promoting best practice, always keen on challenging the as-is scenario in order to propose improved outcomes and high-quality solutions."

  • Luke Aldridge

    Luke Aldridge

    Product Consultant

    "Building strong relationships with clients and understanding their objectives is critical to the success of a delivery project. My goal is to meet or exceed those expectations and help our clients maximise value from their collections system."

  • Sean Mallen

    Sean Mallen

    Business Development Manager

    “Listening is the most important part of the job, if you are not listening you are not learning.”

  • David Edwards

    David Edwards

    Head of Marketing

    "I love nothing more than putting myself in the shoes of our customers and clients. What keeps them awake at night - and what puts a spring in their step each morning. Making life better for our clients is at the heart of what we do at Flexys, and this ethos makes my role a pleasure."

  • Jon Hickman

    Jon Hickman


    "I really enjoy riding motorcycles. It's an exhilarating combination of acceleration, speed, controlled risk, freedom and the satisfaction of doing something to the best of your ability. I get the same kind of feeling working at Flexys."

  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond

    Sales Solutions Engineer

    "Knowledge sharing is key to delivering great solutions for clients. I believe in working closely with clients to not only understand their requirements but also to empower them to grow their solutions in the future."

  • Ethan Howard

    Ethan Howard

    Software Engineer

    "I'm looking forward to making the most of the opportunity Flexys has given me to create software that improves people's lives."

  • Chris Rees

    Chris Rees

    Account Manager

    “Making sure clients are meeting their collections objectives and identifying areas where further value can be provided is key to successful client partnerships. With its world-class collections platform and team of experienced professionals, Flexys clients are in safe hands.”

  • Denard Bazelli

    Denard Bazelli

    Software Engineer

    "Engineering is more than a job; it's a shared mission to solve the world's challenges. It's a way of life dedicated to reducing problems, fostering understanding, and shaping a better world."

  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Founder and Chief Product Officer

    "The idea for Flexys took root after building solutions using products and services available in the market. It made me realise how much opportunity there was to better the status quo, not just by building modern technology into products but by delivering solutions that apply an operational understanding of collections and backing them up with excellent service."

  • Chris Lynch

    Chris Lynch

    Principal Product Consultant

  • Kaycee Obanya

    Kaycee Obanya

    Product Consultant

    "I love learning and seeking better solutions to problems I encounter in my projects. Flexys gives me the opportunity to do both."

  • Mahbub Hasan

    Mahbub Hasan

    Financial Controller

    "In my first few months here, I have been amazed by the skills and qualities my colleagues bring to this company. I've joined at a really exciting time and I look forward to being involved in helping it grow over the coming years."

  • Simon Clark

    Simon Clark

    Head of Professional Services

    “I believe in empowering teams to be their best by coaching, mentoring and leading them from the side and not the front - that way they can see where they’re going and can make their own decisions.”

  • David Morgan

    David Morgan

    Product Consultant

    "I'm proud to be part of the team at Flexys working alongside the sales and development team to help shape the future of our solutions and make a real difference within the collections market."

  • Francesca Madeddu

    Francesca Madeddu

    UX Engineer

    "I am invested in making sure that user needs are kept central and properly weighted against technical challenges and constraints"

  • Tom Diment

    Tom Diment

    Chief Information Security Officer

    "I'm really excited and intrigued to help Flexys on their journey and humbled to be on board with them for it. It's my mission to create a frictionless, but practical IT security environment where it's viewed as a business enabler, not a blocker."

  • Jordan Bailes

    Jordan Bailes

    Software Engineer

    “Flexys really feels like the kind of place I can make an impact without having to sacrifice the beauty and elegance of the kinds of software I want to write.”

  • Sam Oldham

    Sam Oldham

    Software Engineer

    "I believe software engineers have a responsibility to create systems that add value to people's lives by helping them solve problems. This aligns with the Flexys product which motivates me to produce my best work."

  • Kim Stebel

    Kim Stebel

    Head of Software Development

    "I enjoy working for Flexys because it gives me the opportunity to shape the technical design of new products and coach software developers."

  • Julie Wheeler

    Julie Wheeler

    Business Support Manager

    "Flexys has a clear development path, excellent leadership, a dedicated team and there’s always an opportunity to learn something new."

  • Steve Lynch

    Steve Lynch

    Product Consultant

    "I take a holistic approach to problem-solving and always consider the wider impacts of change."

  • Mark Garland

    Mark Garland

    Solution Architect

    "I care about building high-quality, usable and effective software which can make a difference to someone struggling with debt."

  • Tom Ashman

    Tom Ashman

    DevOps Engineer

    "I love working at Flexys because I get to help create advanced software using cutting edge tools and processes. I believe the software we create will help change how the finance industry serves consumers in debt."

  • Sue Hickman

    Sue Hickman

    Content Manager

    "At Flexys, we have a transparent and authentic approach to everything we do. It's my job to make sure our marketing reflects that philosophy."

  • Tamás Németh

    Tamás Németh

    Software Engineer

    "I'm genuinely pleased to be implementing user interfaces that help to make life better and enable creditors to treat customers fairly."

Our Values

  • Open and Transparent

  • Self Critical and Continually Improving

  • Pragmatic and Prioritised

  • Supporting and Collaborative