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About us

Flexys is a specialist debt collection software supplier with a highly experienced in-house team covering design, research and development, delivery and support.

We provide a smart, cloud-native end-to-end debt management system, built on decades of commercial, developmental and operational industry experience, that will break the cycle of dependency and expense that many legacy systems demand. Our mission is to dramatically improve on the status quo, both in terms of the speed, performance and cost-effectiveness of our products and providing a responsive, can-do service ethic for our clients.
We help our clients move away from old-fashioned multi-year waterfall deployments to a progressive microservices model where a complete collections system is delivered in a modular and iterative manner with value realised in weeks, not months. This approach enables our clients to realise benefits from day one while maintaining optimal functionality by regularly selecting new features and improvements via a programme of continuous innovation. Our solution will never go out of date and won’t leave you waiting for infrequent upgrade cycles.

Every one of our team helps to make Flexys what it is


  • Ameen Haq

    Ameen Haq

    Software Engineer

    "It is a mainstream perception that data is used for activities that raise ethical issues. Building a system and harnessing data to help better society and specifically, people in arrears was a prominent reason for joining Flexys."

  • Luke Aldridge

    Luke Aldridge

    Delivery Engineer

    "Building strong relationships with clients and understanding their objectives is critical to the success of a delivery project. My goal is to meet or exceed those expectations and help our clients maximise value from their collections system."

  • Brian Dewis

    Brian Dewis


    "I have worked with Jon and Brian previously as part of my senior management team at Talgentra. When they decided to start Flexys in 2016 the proposition was so strong, I decided to join the board as Chairman. We're building the right products with the right technology at the right time and I'm delighted to be able to share my knowledge, experience and connections to maximise the growth potential for the business."

  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Chief Technology Officer

    "The idea for Flexys took root after building solutions using products and services available in the market. It made me realise how much opportunity there was to better the status quo, not just by building modern technology into products but by delivering solutions that apply an operational understanding of collections and backing them up with excellent service."

  • Joe Sims

    Joe Sims

    Senior Pre Sales Consultant

    "I've worked within the collections industry for over 9 years, implementing solutions and providing consultancy to tier-1 banks, utility companies and public sector organisations. Flexys are pioneering innovative solutions to create better outcomes for their clients - I'm excited to be a part of the team driving that change."

  • Christian Hodkinson

    Christian Hodkinson

    Delivery Engineer

    "At Flexys, I work with a great bunch of innovative people and state-of-the-art technology. We are able to turn around changes and concepts in very short timescales, which is great when working with customers who require rapid changes. I am able to pick up new skills on a daily basis due to the evolving and innovative nature of our products."

  • Marcin Krykowski

    Marcin Krykowski

    Software Engineer

    "I believe software is just a tool for solving someone's problem. I enjoy working at Flexys as it gives me the possibility to take part in different stages of software craftmanship and allows me to have an impact on a product as well as an organisation."

  • David Morgan

    David Morgan

    Delivery Engineer

    "I'm proud to be part of the team at Flexys working alongside the sales and development team to help shape the future of our solutions and make a real difference within the collections market."

  • Jon Hickman

    Jon Hickman

    Chief Executive Officer

    "I really enjoy riding motorcycles. It's an exhilarating combination of acceleration, speed, controlled risk, freedom and the satisfaction of doing something to the best of your ability. I get the same kind of feeling working at Flexys."

  • Dr David Scholefield

    Dr David Scholefield

    Chief Operating Officer

    “Flexys excels in the development of cutting edge collections technology, and I've been privileged to work in a company that is incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to making a world-leading product. As the company continues on this exciting journey of growth, I look forward to working with the team to ensure that our groundbreaking product offering is matched with a focus on surpassing our clients' needs and expectations.”

  • Francesca Madeddu

    Francesca Madeddu

    UX Engineer

    "I am invested in making sure that user needs are kept central and properly weighted against technical challenges and constraints"

  • Roberto Coro

    Roberto Coro

    Project Manager

    "I joined Flexys as I was looking forward to working in a dynamic company where people are committed to delivery excellence. Being part of a company that has established itself as a formidable market player and the opportunity to make a difference was very appealing to me."

  • Hannah Dockings

    Hannah Dockings

    Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence–KTP Associate

    "AI has the potential to revolutionise business processes which is exciting. Harnessing that potential by using it in the right way is the challenge."

  • Jarek Zawila

    Jarek Zawila

    Software Engineer

    "I have two passions in my life one is writing software and the other is going as fast as possible down the mountain on my bike. I enjoy working at Flexys, I believe I will form a lot of lifelong friendships here.”

  • Julia Hawkes-Reed

    Julia Hawkes-Reed

    Curator of DevOps

    “Devops and continuous delivery make the job of producing software significantly more humane and scalable”

  • Eugene Kostjuk

    Eugene Kostjuk

    DevOps Engineer

    "I always try to track the big picture to simplify things and I enjoy the level of empowerment in the Flexys team. If I get a minute, that is spent on electronics hackery and 3d printing. On a quest to discover universal aspects of the interaction between people and systems."

  • Julie Wheeler

    Julie Wheeler

    Business Support Manager

    "Flexys has a clear development path, excellent leadership, a dedicated team and there’s always an opportunity to learn something new."

  • Kieran Sears

    Kieran Sears

    Software Engineer

    "Tools are one of the most effective means of influencing the greatest number of people. The intriguing part is how to ensure they are used in the correct way."

  • Kim Stebel

    Kim Stebel

    Head of Software Development

    "I enjoy working for Flexys because it gives me the opportunity to shape the technical design of new products and coach software developers."

  • Mark Garland

    Mark Garland

    Senior Software Engineer

    "I care about building high-quality, usable and effective software which can make a difference to someone struggling with debt."

  • Paddy Gilling

    Paddy Gilling

    Business Development Manager

    "I love having the opportunity to help our clients with their digital transformation and improve outcomes for their customers. As the collections landscape becomes less analogue and more digital, shrugging off the constraints of legacy technology; it’s incredibly exciting to be at the cutting edge of this."

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira

    Research Consultant

    "We should look at the development of A.I. as a way to help us as opposed to replacing us"

  • Sergio Martín Sánchez

    Sergio Martín Sánchez

    Software Engineer

    "I believe in continuous improvement as a lifestyle, intending that those improvements help this world to be a better place to live in"

  • Tamás Németh

    Tamás Németh

    Software Engineer

    "I'm genuinely pleased to be implementing user interfaces that help to make life better and enable creditors to treat customers fairly."

  • Tom Ashman

    Tom Ashman

    DevOps Engineer

    "I love working at Flexys because I get to help create advanced software using cutting edge tools and processes. I believe the software we create will help change how the finance industry serves consumers in debt."

  • Astra Baker

    Astra Baker

    Marketing Manager

    “I thrive on the culture and positive vibe at Flexys. We have great people building the most innovative solutions which will deliver a significant return on investment to our clients. I’m here to present all the great talent, solutions and technology which makes up Flexys to the outside world.”

  • William Swale

    William Swale

    Regional Director (Australasia)

    “I’m very pleased to be appointed as the reseller for Flexys debt management and collections solutions across Australia & New Zealand. I’m confident that the quality of Flexys solutions, coupled with the deep domain knowledge and experience of the Flexys team will resonate in this market. The Flexys “born in the cloud” platform moves collections into the realm customer service by providing self-serve along with AI and machine learning to boost the usual collections and recoveries processes.”

  • Alan Bond

    Alan Bond

    Project Manager

    “It's great to work for a business that embeds innovation at the core of everything we do. Flexys has produced and continues to evolve, a truly groundbreaking combination of real-world collections experience with market-leading Cloud and Machine Intelligence know-how to deliver a service that improves people’s day to day experience of dealing with debt management.”

  • Chris Lynch

    Chris Lynch

    Solutions Consultant

  • Kevin Currier

    Kevin Currier

    Project Manager

    “I’m passionate about sport (particularly football and sailing) and IT, having spent my whole career working in it. Joining Flexys gives me a great opportunity to work with leading-edge technologies, rapidly expanding products and the latest ways of thinking in a growing company, which is exciting, for sure."

  • Beth Abbott-Stratford

    Beth Abbott-Stratford

    Chief Financial Officer

    "I am very pleased to be joining Flexys at a key moment in its growth and development. I'm passionate about using my experience to support an interesting company with an excellent product offering and huge potential, and I am looking forward to working with the team through this next phase of growth and beyond."

  • Ahmed Amin

    Ahmed Amin

    Chief Revenue Officer

    "I love the fast-paced environment at a start-up, especially one with a leading technological edge like Flexys. It's a great feeling to talk to clients about how we can help them take a big leap forward and solve their challenges as they move into a more digital space."

Our Values

  • Open & Transparent

  • Self Critical & Continually Improving

  • Pragmatic & Prioritised

  • Supporting & Collaborative